Wall art that works

wall art that works 

here is a selection of wall art images and themes that we have chosen that work well. 

To see the selection available which we are updating on a regular basis please see the main menue" wall art that works" and the themed pages under this heading. 

You may order any of the images for your own wall art simply by going to the shop and placing an order. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery. 

Please send us an e mail confirming your order and any additional details which are relevant to your order. Also let us know if you are registered with us to supply self build land information and receive a discount.  If you want to use your own image please ensure this is of a high resolution. We can convert most images to the format we require. Simply add your image as an attachment to your e mail. 

[email protected] 

All wall art is printed on self adhesive vinyl therefore this is easy to position on your chosen wall, no glue is required. 

If you wish to use your own images please search the web for fotolia as they have a huge number of images which are well priced and of a high enough resolution to print a good quality wall art picture. 

Materials printed on can be either Matt, gloss, or outdoor vinyl. Apply all wall art to flat surfaces. wall art can be used for walls, doors, or windows. 

Sizes and prices available are as follows: 

If you would like the whole image printed please select MAXIMUM SIZE. otherwise you may select any size starting from 50 inches (127cm) wide by 50 inches (127cm)  high. 

If you do not need the maximum size then the picture may be cropped slightly on top and bottom and on each side to produce the size required. 

Prces range from £65 -£90 

If larger wall art is required - you can position the wall art next to each other to create your overall design.